Friday, July 4, 2008

A painting I just had to do.

I've just added a new image to the ORIGINAALS Gallery. It's a painting I started planning before Barack Obama's historic securing of the enough votes to be the nominee of the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States of America.

The original painting is 48" w X 36" h. The response to it has been greater and more gratifying than any I've ever done. Even my youngest brother was impressed (and you know how hard it is to get your family to appreciate your work).

I'll be unveiling the piece at various locations, including on the streets of downtown Chicago - as part of my "Man On Da Street Walking Art Gallery".

I'm even thinking of asking other artists, writers, etc. to join me in an exhibition of work related to this event. Whatdya think?



Great job Lowell. I think its worth at least $50,000 but I can only bid $500.

Maybe I can get a print for $50. Time to take this to the photographer and lithographer. Everyone should have a print in their home.

This painting reminds us that this moment is built upon work done earlier by many, including the iconic figures portrayed. More important though, this moment is the foundation for all the good (or lack thereof) that is to come.

Lets all continue to work to the good and support each other to the good, icons and regular folk alike.

OK, I can go $550 but you gotta throw in the shipping. Whataya say?

Paul Mainor

Joyce Owens said...

Nice painting from what I can tell! Would like to see a higher rez image. I am doing a Barack piece, too. Did a couple of drawings and doing a small collage piece.

We should have a Barack exhibition to counteract the Assassination show that was so tasteless!

marybeth said...

I saw your profile in today's Chicago Tribune Magazine.
This story led me to seek out more of your art and all I can say is that your work really touches me. The Barack piece is impressive, indeed!
Is it for sale?
I also see that you include Melvin King - a man of great substance and talent - and I am even more invested in seeing your work. Do you have more of your work online?

Lowell said...

Thanks Paul, Joyce and Marybeth,
The response I've gotten has been amazing. Even my youngest bother was impressed.

I'm producing 100 24" X 18" "Dreams Can Come True" posters. They are each signed and numbered. The first 25 are already taken. They were $100 each. The next 25 are $175 each. If you want one, let me know. But let me know soon. I may have to raise the price again, depending on demand.

I'm all for an exhibit around this historic moment. When do we start?

The original painting is not for sale. But, as I told Paul, you can get one of the next 25 posters for $175. If you email me at I'll send you links to some of my online images.

Joyce Owens said...

I think you are so good you are bad!

Joyce Owens said...

Thanks for the plug: folks should come visit and voice their opinions!

They can read my take on you at Unity 2008!
(Copy and paste from below) or go to Lowell's main page and click on Joyce Owens).