Friday, August 15, 2008

Black on the Blog

I know, I know, it's been a while since I muttered any timeless insights on the AfrAmerican creative world. I have no excuse, uh...arah..hrummph, have no excuse.

But I haven't exactly been silent - no matter how much some folks may dream. I've made myself heard on another AfrAmerican artist's blog. Joyce Owens has been very productive in generating content for her highly informative and disarmingly honest blog. I'll add a link as soon as I get a chance.

I just got the chance: Joyce Owens' blog.

Meanwhile, I'll ask again for any other AfrAmerican artists out there to send me a jpeg (not more than 100 k) of one of your works for the ORIGINAALS Gallery. It's free. Send it to OK?

Oh, and BTW, one of the things keeping my mind off this blog is my "Dreams Can Come True" piece. I'm offering limited (100) edition 24"w X 18" h signed and numbered posters of it. They started at $100. After the first 25 the price is up to $175. It will probably go up again when I reach 50. Interested? Contact me at


CouSandra Armstrong said...

Hello there, I have just gone through your blog and i find it very interesting and informative. I am familiar with most of those artist and have been a fan of many of them for years. I am new on the scene and I do Nature Photography. I know that many artist do not see most photography as art. I do so much enjoy what I do and I have always wanted to paint or draw but was never able to connect my brain and my hands with my joy of beauty. I have captured it with my camera and I am overjoyed. What are your thoughts? Cousandra Armstrong

Lowell said...

Thanks for your comment and your image. It looks interesting, but when I downloaded the jpeg, it was too small to see any detail. If you could send a higher resolution file, I'd like to see it. Send it to my email address at or

But keep it under 100k, so that it loads quickly on most browsers but that it's too small to be blown up and printed by image thieves.