Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lowell's in the Loop.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to toot my own trumpet. But I've found out that sometimes that's the only way it gets played, so please forgive me. Besides, I'm also tooting the axes (or should I say "chopping"?) of 39 other Chicago artists as well.

I've just come from seeing my painting in downtown Chicago; an area actually just north of the Loop proper (for you out-of-towners it's called the Loop because of the way the L train "loops" around the heart of it). The painting is just one of 40 by Chi-Town artists that were selected for its "Chicago Looks" exhibit that runs along the "RiverWalk", the lower level of the south bank of the Chicago River from State Street to LaSalle Street.

My painting is between Clark Street and LaSalle. I'm posting a jpeg in the ORIGINAALS gallery, but you're really missing a lot if you don't get up close and personal. It's 30" w X 40" h.

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